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Healthy doesn't have to be overwhelming.
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Welcome To Fit Family Bootcamp

with Rachel & Mike Wallace


Hi, I’m Rachel.  Above all else, I am a wife and mom.  I love the sound of those words (except when the latter is expressed with screaming, whining, or first-world problem crying…then, not so much).  The voices and hearts that fill the four walls of “The W,” as we call our home, are my purpose in life (or so Pinterest tells me).

I am also a Fit Family Coach, meaning that I work my booty off for you to build healthy habits that will serve you and your family well.  Because let’s face it, you’ve got a laundry list of what’s not serving you well.  And that crew of yours? Yeah, they’re not helping…that’s why you’re here, silly.  I am a part of the Beachbody family because our fitness programs and nutrition tools WORK, simple as that.  If you’ve got time for stuff that doesn’t work, rock on.  But if you’re all about efficiency, reality, and results, then you’re ready for Fit Family Bootcamp.

If it doesn't Challenge you...
It doesn't Change you!

Recent News

You Have a @#*%ing Ferrari in Your Garage!

by: Rachel Wallace

Ferrari and Porsche Garage

How to See Past Your Excuses You heard me. Ferrari. You have a freaking FERR.AR.I. in your freaking garage. Why in the world are you just letting it sit there?? (Pause.)  (Nothing.)  (Silence.) What the heck am I talking about,... Continue Reading

Tuna Salad – 21 Day Fix

by: Rachel Wallace

Fixate Tuna_3

Tuna salad, it’s one of those things you either love or hate. Not really much middle ground with tuna. Am I right, or am I right? If tuna salad isn’t for you, no hurt feelings. Maybe this quinoa black bean... Continue Reading

Roasted Vegetable Soup

by: Rachel Wallace

Roasted Vegetable Soup Image

This hearty soup is crazy-good for you! I love how our Fixate Roasted Vegetable Soup gives you THREE servings of vegetables in a one-and-a-half cup serving. Wow! Of course, it is low in calories, but big on taste and nutrition.... Continue Reading

Strawberry Banana Ice Cream

by: Rachel Wallace

Strawberry Banana Ice Cream Image

Need a sweet treat without cheating?? You’ll be amazed how indulgent this Strawberry Banana Ice Cream tastes!  To make it even thicker and creamier, try substituting coconut milk (the kind that comes in a can). Even my kids LOVE this... Continue Reading

Zucchini Chips

by: Rachel Wallace

Zucchini Chips Image

Garden overflowing with zucchini?? Try these amazing zucchini chips, 21 Day Fix approved! This clean recipe will have you begging to eat more veggies, I promise.   Benefits of Olive Oil: Provides essential fatty acids High in monounsaturated fat (omega 9)... Continue Reading

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